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Red Lotus

by Roy Jones

Released 2010
Released 2010
Ground-breaking, up-beat trax with a mixture of classic and contemporary vocal styles and lush harmonies. Lyrics which challenge the listeners to look deep into themselves and question the world. Sampling genres as diverse as rock, reggae, dance and rap.
First solo release from Red Beat vocalist Roy Jones: Red Lotus is a searching album which draws on 80's punk and reggae, Latin grooves and Jazz chords mixed with Buddhist philosophy which pushes the listener into reflecting on what we could do to make the World a better place. Every track is up tempo with interesting guitar riffs, the occasional Celtic Harp, lush strings and jazzy brass arrangements all built on a confident drum 'n bass groove. Vocals sometimes recall the 80's style of brother Howard Jones, sometimes the harsh urban rock of post-punk London and sometimes shows its soul and jazz influences. The range of styles is impressive and Roy handles each one impressively from the urban reggae of Phobia to the bangra rap of Soft Power. The melodies and those harmonies are really haunting. You find them going round and round in your head, particularly tracks like Heart of the People and Red Lotus. This album is compelling and thought provoking. Give it some space and it'll take you on a journey to a deeper place.

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