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dRedzilla - Red Beat - Roy Jones

Pure Victory - EP

by Dredzilla

Released 2012
Bounce Music
Released 2012
Bounce Music
"Conscious vibe" Dubstep, with soulful r&b singing, big bass and wicked drops!
This EP is a collection of Dubstep tunes from dRedzilla, all written and recorded in the early part of 2012. Sounds are all generated using Massive with drums programmed on Logic Pro. DredZilla describes his music as "conscious vibe dubstep", this reflects the lyrical content which is an essential aspect of the overall sound. The following quote is taken from his website:

'What is conscious vibe Dubstep?

"Conscious vibe", was a term applied to 80's reggae music which tried to make people think more deeply about life with the aim of creating a more loving and peaceful world. Although the music has moved on, I still like those ideals and I want to inject my tunes with those kind of vibes, listen to some of my music to see what I mean.'

Peace, dRedzilla