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Want that perfect ten?

My third release of this year is due on Wednesday July 29th. It's an electro house tune but with a rock rather than a pop edge. It is actually  remix of a song of the same name I released as Roy Jones from the album Red Lotus in 2009. The chorus was slightly different on that version, lyrically but this chorus seemed to suit the house feel of this new dance tune. The mood has gone more minor than major too and there's less formal structure and a new chill section with some lovely three part harmony strings with two violins and a viola. Sound levels are considerably higher and optimised for the dance floor (and the headphones) where the bass can be truly appreciated.

The lyrics are essentially encouragement to everyone to connect with their own creativity and to work hard to produce something equal to their potential. Out of the struggle and the hard work comes something which moves the hearts of others and hopefully inspires them to create as well. the words could apply to athletes or sports people too or anyone really who is struggling to reveal their true potential. Hope you like it!


dRedzilla Jones

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