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dRedzilla - Red Beat - Roy Jones

Hey just to let you know what I've been up to this past month, I work with a choir of fellow Buddhists in Wales where I live. I wrote a choral piece last year with a complicated classical feel and we've been working hard to master it all year. Well on October the 5th we recorded it and shot some video footage. I spent some time editing the recordings and mastering them and then sinking to video and I'm pleased with the results. Not Dubstep, but Conscious Vibe definitely. If you want a peek check this You Tube url The piece is called Unbroken Line and expresses the Buddhist concept that everything apart from the Law of life itself, is subject to constant change. The essential nature of this Law is benevolent, compassionate and nurturing. If we tune into this unbroken line of the Law, within ourselves, we can reconnect with the essentially happy eternal nature we were born with. You can download a free hi rez mp3 from my soundcloud

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