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dRedzilla - Red Beat - Roy Jones

So a new month has started. fresh energy and possibilities await. Should I get in the studio and create a new track or should I continue to spend a large portion of my time trawling the internet trying to locate people who have never heard of me but would really like my music? The answer is simple. carry on with the promotion. its the one thing I've never really done in my life. In the old days the record companies had people who did that kind of stuff but the game has changed and if I can't change then I'm not going to survive in the new world.

Much of it is simply going around listening to what other people are doing and leaving comments. i never leave negative comments and mostly that is the culture. From time to time people, who are also involved in the chess board of gathering people with a stake in the musical game, get in touch and you realize that you can help each other. it's not a competition but rather a joining of forces to get things moving in a direction that benefits both of you.

So more submissions to radio, blogs, review sites, more consuming Dubstep and gradually forming a network which can stand. Then more music. Clarity!

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